DRLI Proprietary CHC Thin Film Protective Coating

Provides protection and improved durability for substrate and film surfaces.

  • CHC coatings will greatly improve the durability of substrates with soft or delicate surfaces such as:
  • polycarbonate, PMMA, polysulfone, CR-39, Silicon, Germanium, Aluminum, Gold, ...etc.
  • CHC coatings will also provide protection for thin film filters.
  • CHC coatings can be incorporated into DRLI thin film multilayer designs such as high (HR) and anti-reflective (AR) systems.

Environmental Protection:

CHC material provides resistance to:
  1. Humidity and salt fog environments.
  2. Solvents (i.e. Acetone, Propanol, Methanol, MEK and other -ketones).
  3. JP-Fuels
  4. Most Acids

Abrasion Resistance:

Baseline comparisons when applied to CR-39 have yielded the following results:
Taber abrasion tests were performed per ASTM D1044 using a 500 gram weight for 500 cycles and a # 10 grit wheel.
Uncoated CR-39.......................30% haze
CR-39 with CHC......................1.1% haze !

Effect on optical performance:

The CHC thin film hard coat can provide excellent protection with little or no effect on optical performance.  Each CHC coating is designed to optimize optical performance.

As shown below, the effect on the reflectance from a CHC coated gold sample is negligible  The reflectivity remains above 95% through 14µm.